Study Stages:

The school offers a flexible two-stage framework for part-time students working in the Industry, who like to study, in parallel, toward an MSc degree. These are admitted first to the Accumulative Studies stage which may last, at most, three academic years, with a minimum of three courses per year. After that time, the student are transferred to the Regular Studies stage where the students complete their course requirements and the Thesis or the Project (see item 2 above). 

Courses in the Accumulative Stage must be completed with a minimum average of 70. The students must pass all the mandatory courses required by the School (including repetition after failing, if needed) no later than their fourth semester of studies. Therefore, it is advisable to take these mandatory courses in the first year, allowing any needed repetitions by the end of the second year.

Fulltime students are admitted directly to the Regular Studies stage.

MSc candidates requiring supplementary studies are admitted to a separate Preliminary stage.


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